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There are certain things that will stand the test of time, things that are universally understandable and accepted. And in the fashion/style game, it is terms such as Casual, Smart Casual and Sportswear etc.

To start off, we are introducing the ‘Sports Casual’ dress code. It’s a mix of sportswear and casual clothes and some would argue that it’s simply ‘Smart Casual’, but with such focus on the statement sports pieces (in this case the Nike trainers), the word ‘sports’ needed exclusive love. With this shoot we style up some looks with some classic Nike sneaker styles, showing you a variety of ways in which you can sport them (no pun intended). So gain some Sports Casual inspiration, throw away your tracksuits bottoms and just do it (again, no pun intended).

Boat shoes are a summer staple. You should own a pair already. Nike created a sneaker/shoe hybrid that looks the shit called Mad Jibe. Its perforated style adds a little more intrigue and when paired with nautical colours, this is a clean, no fuss look. We made the look by teaming them with a fresh white T-shirt, topped with a plain navy fitted sleeveless cardigan and some Tom Ford glasses. Also, the red chino shorts and a charity shop brown leather vintage belt breaks the colours up. Remember! No socks lads, even if your legs are as hairy as mine.

These Nike Air Max are a classic and they’ve been recently re-released with better tech, (not that I really care, lol). The key with this look is that the trainers are clean. A grey cashmere crew-neck sweater underneath a sleeveless denim biker jacket provide that urban cool. The camel denims lighten up the feel and adds a contrast to the denim top (a mix of blue denims would be as wrong as this backpack) and the rose belt is thrown in for its similar colour palette to the sneakers.

Too much colour co-ordination can look amateur, but we felt that the purple was subtle enough to run with. We highlighted it with the lilac cardigan and although it’s not an exact colour match, it’s enough to show you’ve made the effort. The grey cords provide the neutral bottom half and a classic cropped leather jacket is a no brainer; you can’t really go wrong. With the white T as the base layer, it helps the cardigan stand out a little bit more.

The high cut style is perfect for it. We layered a grey cardigan with a sleeveless denim jacket, used a thick casual belt adds some weight to the look and it works well with the leather bag. The maroon chinos stop us going down the monochromatic look while highlighting the sneakers too.

postheadericon Team NZ Separates For America’s Cup Regatta

The Emirates Team New Zealand recently set up an individual firm to organize the America’s Cup in 2021 in Auckland. Tina Symmans the director of the company would be the chair of ACE (America’s Cup Event) Ltd. The Board of ACE will be occupied by Greg Horton as he has been on a part of Emirates Team New Zealand already. They both will resign from their existing directorships post.

Tina Symmans became the board 3 years back prior to the Bermuda challenge and had a roller coaster journey of the campaign due to lack of funds. As a result, it caused suspicion over the team’s efficiency to sponsor the challenge in Bermuda prior to the success to retain America’s Cup in New Zealand. Symmans said there had to be a great amount of effort put in behind the scene. The location of the event has been finalized and worked out on how to work with Auckland City and Government as partners in addition to putting in strict governance structures in place.

All this has led to a thick foundation to start the enormous tasks to be performed by ACE as well as the stakeholders.  America’s Cup Event has involved Calder and Mayo as the Event Directors with the skills and experience to design and manage sailing events. Everyone is aware of the position they hold and the excitement has built up. There are massive challenges considering the size of the event, and the international recognition it gets.

However, as a team, they will work jointly and make it successful as per Symmans. There is some additional work performed across the council and government that have planned and designed the infrastructure in addition to ways to enhance the economic benefits through the event held in the city. One of the greatest challenges is to ensure there is segregation of work between the team and the event as this would help to focus on achieving the Cup.

postheadericon Perfect Engagement in the World of Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, supported by “blockchain” technology, are generating new paradigms that revolutionise our conventional ideas of the notion of the State, its areas of spatial influence and particularly it’s Institutions.

The Analysis Now

Through a brief analysis of the technology of virtual currencies and their associated areas, we propose that we are facing a paradigm shift of traditional geopolitical conceptions, which should be assumed by different political, business and military leaders, with the aim of that, in a new digital scenario, optimise their organisational management processes.

Better Details

In fact, at first glance, the cryptographic phenomenon of “chain blocks” in English blockchain has until now its focal point in the generation of new currencies, based on distributed computer programs, outside the regulations of Central Banks and Governments.

No doubt that transactions are made between bidder and plaintiff, without going through an intermediary financial institution, has advantages and disadvantages, but it is unavoidable that to avoid fraudulent use of such transactions, a regulation is required to prevent the proliferation of illicit trade in the context of drugs, terrorism, assassins, money laundering, tax evasion, among others. Read more now in

  • How do we regulate a decentralised and anonymous system, arising from technological innovation, without eliminating the advantages that the system could deliver to global trade, but in parallel, avoiding all those disadvantages exposed in the preceding paragraph?
  • With the emergence of cryptographic block technology, geographic paradigms break down, expanding transactions through global computational networks that do not respect the sovereignty, physical borders, laws and national financial systems. Without a doubt, we are facing a new paradigm of causality that we call Digital Geopolitics.

So then, through the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies and their technology, we can witness some structural changes, which must take into account political, business and military leaders when defining policies and strategies to conduct their States, Holding Companies or Institutions of Security and Defense.

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” –It is where it follows that there is no geographical conditioning, quite the contrary, transactions made through IP networks and approved by “computer miners” who perform transactional processing and security, are completed ubiquitously, that is, they are present in time.

Consequently, through collaborative processing in networks, the vital core has no latitude and longitude coordinates but has IP addresses of thousands of computers distributed anywhere in the world.

Indeed, the multiple applications guarded by thousands of CPUs that certify transactions in a “large digital ledger” are expanding rapidly, and potential applications are emerging using “blockchain” technology.

In short, in the Political and Strategic context has emerged a new dimension of virtual spaces management under the umbrella of what we call Digital Geopolitics. Which appears as a product of a system of electronic transactions based on distributed cryptology, and whose applications in other fields of society, will expand increasingly in the coming years, which should call our attention in search of an answer to the question posed above.