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Why most novice traders find it difficult to make money in trading

There are many things that you need to take care in order to make money in the online trading world. Most of the novice traders start their trading career without knowing the market details and ultimately fails to achieve success in this industry. The professional Aussie traders always suggest the news traders learn the market basics first before they start live trading. It’s true that the initial learning stage will be extremely difficult but if you have strong determination, devotion and dedication then within a few months you will be able to place high-quality trades in the market. Most of the novice traders consider trading as easy money and ultimately blows their entire trading account. In this article, we will discuss why most novice traders find it extremely difficult to make money in the online trading world.

Lack of trading knowledge

If you want success in any sector of the world you need to know the sectors very well. When it comes to the financial industry it’s highly imperative that you learn the basic of the forex market. As a new trader, you should learn why the currency pair moves in a certain direction and what causes the volatility of the market. To be precise you need to have a very clear understanding of the basic of the forex market. Unlike the novice traders the professional traders at Saxo have a very solid knowledge in the financial industry and for this very reason, they can predict the future price movement of certain assets with an extreme level of accuracy. If you are relatively new then you should not think about making a profit in the market rather focus on learning the fundamental factors of the market.

Unrealistic expectations

The novice traders in the financial market consider trading as a money making the machine. Indeed its place where you can earn huge amount of money simply by placing the right trades. But you need set realistic goals in the market. If you start trading with 100 dollar trading account and expect to make 1000 dollar profit then you are most likely to lose money in trading. The professional traders always aim for 5- 10 percent return in every single month. So by this data, you can clearly understand how precisely the market works. You should always focus on high-quality trade setups in your trading platform and ignores the low probability trades. Before you execute the trades in the market think twice about your decision and if everything seems correct to place the trade in the market. Always remember that single quality trade execution is thousand times better than low-quality trades in the market.

High-risk trading

This is one of the most common mistakes that every novice traders in the forex market make. They simply execute high lot size trade in the market and loses a huge amount of money from a single losing order. It’s true that sometimes they will make a big profit but considering the long term scenario, this is one key ingredient which makes a trader failure in this industry. Most of the professional brokers are providing high leverage trading account that doesn’t mean that you will use the leverage to take a maximum risk in the market. As a professional trader, you should always calculate the risk tolerance level and based on that you should scale your lot size and set your stop loss. Make sure that you are well comfortable to accept the loss in the market. Never trade the market with the money that you can’t afford to lose since it will make things much more complex in the financial market.

Summary: Forex trading is an art and in order to make a consistent profit you must be knowledge in this industry. Try to learn the basic of the forex market very precisely. When you execute the orders in orders in the market make sure that you are using proper money management since it is one of the key ingredients for long-term success.

Is Hard Money Loans For You?

Do you have the dream of making income with real estate? If that answer is yes, then a St. Louis hard money loans are your ticket to maximizing your real estate dreams. 

But, there is some information that you need to know before you pick up that phone and start the loan process.

What is a Hard Money Loan

A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan that is secured with real property as collateral. They are primarily issued by private investors or companies.

These loans are typically fast cash with less strict underwriting standards. These lenders have established their own credit score requirements, debt-to-income (DTI) ratios, and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, and often, looser than standard mortgage lenders.

How do I Determine the Loan-to-value of the Property?

The LTV is determined by the ratio of the loan amount divided by the value of the property. Most lenders will loan up to 65 -75% of the current value of the property. Knowing the numbers and doing the math is vital in these types of loans.

Who Benefits From Getting a Hard Money Loan

These hard money loans are designed to help people that are:

• Self-employed and find it hard to get a traditional bank loan

• People that want to use real estate as a business; like becoming a landlord or rent business units

• House-flippers use these loans for a quick means to fix up a house and sells it in a short period of time. These can be total revamps to high-end glamour house, either way, you need to know the areas you are investing in property values.

• Extensive home remodeling

• People who want to buy a second home and have been turned down by traditional banks

• People with a foreclosure on their credit report. Most traditional banks will not lend to people with a foreclosure even if they can explain the situation that caused the foreclosure.

What Limitations Are There

The above benefits sound great, but with all the good things you need to know the limitations. These are just some of the limitations that you should be aware of. You need to talk with the lenders to see what their specific limitations consist of before excepting any loans.

• Higher interest rates – 9 -15 %. Each state has regulations limits on how high lenders can set interest rates. So make sure you know yours states’ legal interest rate limits to avoid falling into a predatory loan situation.

• Points, up-front fees, calculated as a certain percentage of the loan that helps lower the interest rate. This range is usually low, 2 to 4 points. One point is about one percent of the loan.

• Short terms, can be as short as six months or as long as 1 – 5 years

• Some might require at least 25 – 30 % down payment or equity to ensure the loan

• Know the loan-to-value of the property

• These loans are meant to be fast cash and fast payback. The longer it takes to pay back the loans, the higher the interest rate will soar.

• Can you pay the loan back early with or without being charged a fee?

Now that your homework is done, calculated all the benefits and risk, and you have some knowledge about hard money loans if you are still ready to pick up that phone, look up a St. Louis hard money loan lender since they are the up-and-coming lenders in this active market, today. 

You will be smiling in your dreams if you do.

Factoring company: How does it benefit you?

A factoring company is a great resort for businesses that have cash flow problems because of their clients who do not make immediate payments.

The factoring company is often confused with a loan lending company, but it is not so. The factoring company involves a business transaction where they buy the invoice or the accounts receivable from an organization at a discounted price and provides immediate funds to them in return of the receivables. Factor Company then keeps the invoice with them, takes the payment from the client and returns the balance to the organization after charging their fee.

Factoring company is also known as accounts receivable factoring company, invoice financingcompany, accounts receivable financingcompany, receivables factoringcompany, invoice discountingcompany, debtor financingcompany, and invoice factoring company.

Factoring is a great solution for companies who want immediate cash to run their business smoothly without waiting for the funds. The factoring enables an organization to smoothly run their business without interruption due to the lack of working capital. The company can get cash whenever they need it. Factoring is a great option to generate immediate money and there is no need to take a bank loan.

To sum up the advantages of the best factoring company, here are some pointers for you:

  • It improves a company’s cash flow immediately when the funds of that organization are tied up due to the slow-paying clients.
  • Validates the creditworthiness and credit history of the clients.
  • Helps to collect money from the clients
  • If you are a startup, the factoring company can become your savior
  • Respond to our emergency needs in critical situations

The account factoring is used by many industries like advertising, trucking, manufacturing, staffing, distributors, IT, security, technology, hospitals, consulting, food, logistics, import, etc.

The factoring companies can offer you two types of factoring. One is the recourse factoring and the other is the non-recourse factoring. In non-recourse factoring, if the customer does not pay the invoice to the factoring company, the factor company will bear. In a recourse factoring, your business will have to make all the payments even if your client does not pay you.

The charges or the fee of the factoring company will depend on the type of factoring, amount of finance, and the worthiness of bills. Normally the factoring companies charge a feeranging from 1.2% to 3.5% every month.