3 reasons why you need an accountant

A lot of small business owners do not realize that almost every starting business fails within the first 18 months because of poor financial management. There are a couple of reasons for this, but one of the main reasons it that a lot of those small businesses don’t use an accountant at all. Accountants do more than just tax filing. They take an assessment of your finances and can create a forecast to keep your business healthy. You can work with an accounting firm or alone, but here are three reasons why it’s important to have a good accountant for your business.

#1 – Avoid an audit

One of the mean reasons to hire an accountant is to avoid an audit. Many people think accountants can fix issues after they occurred, but they only can avoid the audit by the guidance and counsel on the forehand. A company can be audited because of a lot of causes, for example taking too many risks, being too charitable etc. Make an accountant a long-term partner who helps you.

#2 – Save time and energy

Controlling finances takes a lot of work and energy. As a business owner you want to spend your time in the work that interest you the most. You don’t want to waste this time trying to fix your finances. We don’t even need to mention the possible errors you could make because of the lack of experience you have in comparison with a real accountant.

#3 – Plan and think about the future

The last benefit of hiring an accountant it that they can give you a great advise on the future plans of the company. When you look to the reports together you can make a better schedule on for example when to buy new inventory or when you can make new budget for big-ticket investments. An accountant gives you a clear few from a big perspective (a year of even longer).

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