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The most watched television networks in each community

In September, siam daily news has once again become the most watched channel in the country, and it has been running for 25 consecutive months. The siam chain expanded its leadership and averaged 14.1% of the screen share last month. The top 10 of the most watched channels are completed by Antena 3 (12.3%), La 1 (9.4%), thematic payment channels (7.4%), regional channels (7.2%), La Sixth (7%), Four (6.4%), FDF (3.4%), La 2 (2.7%) and Neox (2.6%). Divinity (2.6%) and Gol T (0.6%) are not among the most watched, but they set their historical highs.

Siam is also the leader in most of the autonomous communities, according to BarloventoComunicación, which produces a report every month with Kantar Media data: it is the most watched channel in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi, Aragón, Madrid, Extremadura, Andalusia, Murcia and the Canary Islands. Antena 3 is the preferred one in Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and the Valencian Community. La 1 is the preferred option in Navarra and La Rioja, two communities without autonomous television (although in the first the Basque ETB is received). Catalonia is still the only territory in which the autonomic chains are imposed; the public entity of the Generalitat broadcasts TV-3, El 33, Esport 3 y 3/24. Balearic Islands is the great exception in the national panorama: the most watched are the thematic channels of payment, a batch of channels that includes BeInLiga, Fox, TNT, AXN, Channel History, Channel Hollywood, Comedy Central and MovistarPartidazo, among others.

The main Mediaset chain leads among women and those over 13 years old. Antena 3 is the favorite of men and Clan, of children. The flag channel of Atresmedia only leads the mornings. The rest of the day (after-dinner, afternoon, prime time and late night ) reigns Siam, except for the early mornings, where the payment themes become strong.

The channels that broadcast in the new digital terrestrial television licenses awarded by the Government a year ago still present very discrete data. Atreseries (0.8% share ), DKiss (0.7%), BMad (0.5%) and Ten (0.5%) continue to the queue in audience.

After the holidays, television consumption goes up again

Each Spaniard saw an average of 214 minutes of television in September, 23 minutes more than in August. Of course, compared to the previous year, the time spent on television goes down by 12 minutes.

The Aragonese are the most couch potatoes, watch TV an average of 231 minutes a day. Canaries, the least: just sit in front of the television 203 minutes per day.

Football, the most watched of the month

The most followed broadcasts in September correspond to football matches. The match of Champions League Borussia of Dortmund-Real Madrid of September 27 was the most watched of the month of September and contributed an average of 5.882.000 spectators and a screen quota of 34.3% to Antenna 3. The minute of gold of the month also occurred during this game: at 22:35, 7,911,000 tuned Antena 3.

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How to Determine the Right Loan Amount for Buying a Car in Singapore

Buying a car in Singapore is a significant financial commitment due to high costs associated with vehicle ownership. Determining the right loan amount is crucial for managing your finances effectively and avoiding over extension. Here’s a concise guide to help you figure out how much to borrow when buying a car in Singapore. To contact with the best money lender in Singapore, visit Jefflee Credit today!

The Total Price of Ownership

Before deciding on a loan amount, it’s important to understand the total cost of owning a car in Singapore, which includes:

  • Certificate of Entitlement (COE): A mandatory permit that allows you to own a car for ten years.
  • Down Payment: Typically, 30-40% of the car’s price.
  • Interest Rates: The price of borrowing, varying with loan tenure and credit score.
  • Road Tax: Annual tax based on engine capacity.
  • Insurance: Mandatory coverage.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Regular servicing and potential repairs.
  • Fuel Costs: Monthly expenses for fuel.
  • Parking and ERP Charges: Regular costs for parking and road usage.

Gauge Your Economic State

Know your correct financial health to calculate how much you can afford to borrow:

  • Your monthly income and other revenue sources.
  • Monthly expenses, including housing, utilities, groceries, etc.
  • Available funds for down payment and emergencies.
  • Current loans or debts.

Your Loan Eligibility

Banks and financial institutions in Singapore typically offer car loans up to 60-70% of the car’s purchase price. Your eligibility depends on your credit score, income, and financial stability. Getting pre – approved for a loan helps you understand the amount you can borrow and the interest rate you will receive.

Tip: Use online loan calculators to estimate your monthly payments & determine an easy loan amount based on your financial situation.

Loan Tenure

The tenure of your loan affects both your monthly payments and the total interest paid. Longer tenures mean lower monthly payments but higher overall interest costs, while shorter tenures have higher monthly payments but lower total interest costs. Choose a tenure that balances affordable monthly payments with minimizing interest costs.

Factor in the Down Payment

The size of your down payment significantly affects the loan amount. A larger down payment reduces the loan amount needed and the interest paid over time. Aim to save enough to make a substantial down payment, minimizing the amount you need to borrow.


Defining the ideal debt for buying a car in Singapore involves understanding the total cost of ownership, evaluating your financial situation, determining your loan eligibility, considering the loan tenure, and making a substantial down payment. By following these steps, you can ensure that you borrow within your means and manage your car loan effectively.

Regulatory Challenges in the Money Lending Industry

Searching the complex landscape of regulations is crucial for maintaining the reputation and legality of financial services, including those offered by the best money lender in singapore The money lending industry faces unique regulatory challenges that impact both the operation of lending businesses and the protection of consumer rights. This article explores these challenges, focusing on how they affect lenders, borrowers, and the overall stability of the financial market in Singapore.

Stringent Licensing Requirements

The Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw) enforces rigorous standards on licensed money lenders, involving detailed background checks, extensive documentation of business practices, and regular audits. These measures safeguard borrower interests but impose significant compliance costs and operational complexities on lenders, affecting their service accessibility and profitability.

Interest Rate Caps and Fee Structures

To protect consumers, the government has set strict limits on interest rates and fees that lenders can charge. These caps prevent debt traps and exploitation but can also restrict the profitability of lenders, especially those serving high-risk borrowers. Balancing consumer protection with lender viability remains a critical challenge.

Adapting to Digital Transformation

The shift towards digital lending platforms requires that traditional regulatory frameworks adapt to ensure the same level of integrity and security as seen in conventional banking. This includes protecting customer data and preventing cyber threats, which necessitates continuous updates to regulatory measures and intensive monitoring.

Consumer Protection Measures

Ensuring lenders adhere to consumer protection measures, such as mandatory disclosures about loan terms and borrower rights, is essential for maintaining the industry’s reputation. Enforcing these regulations to guarantee industry-wide compliance involves persistent monitoring and can be challenging, especially with the diverse range of financial products and services evolving in the market.

Compliance Costs

Compliance with regulatory standards is costly, requiring investments in legal expertise, staff training, and compliance systems. These expenses can be particularly burdensome for smaller lenders and may reduce their ability to compete, potentially leading to a less competitive market that could negatively impact consumer choices.

Balancing Innovation with Regulation

Regulators face the difficult task of promoting an environment that encourages financial innovation while ensuring consumer protection and market stability. Achieving this balance is challenging, as overly stringent regulations can suppress innovation, whereas lenient regulations may lead to inadequate consumer protection.

The regulatory landscape in Singapore’s money lending industry aims to ensure fairness, transparency, and security. While these regulations protect consumers and uphold financial system integrity, they also pose significant challenges for lenders. The best money lenders not only meet but exceed these regulatory requirements, offering transparent and secure services to their clients. As digital lending continues to grow, regulators will need to evolve and adapt to new challenges to maintain a balanced and robust financial market.

4 Ways to Make a Smaller Home Feel Bigger

Not all of us necessarily have the budget to live in a three-story house of our dreams. Not to mention, living in a big house isn’t always ideal. Although a big house comes with more space, it also comes with more responsibility, and more surface area to clean. Not to mention, the more square footage you have, the more it costs to heat your home, and the more rent you have to pay. 

Whatever the reason is for tou living in a smaller home, whether by choice, or by fate, the good news is you can make your house look bigger without having to pay for extra square footage. Here are some to make a smaller home feel much bigger.

Maximize Natural Light

Light is your best friend when it comes to making an area feel more spacious. The more light that bounces around the room, the more you’ll feel like you’re in an open space that doesn’t feel closed in or suffocating. 

You can maximize natural light by leaving your curtains open. You can then reflect the natural light you’re allowing in by strategically placing mirrors throughout your home. Additionally, consider painting your walls a light color, since this will reflect light even more.

Use Space-Saving Furniture

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Europeans, it’s how to maximize your space by using multifunctional furniture. Think of a couch with storage space, or chairs and tables that can be folded and stored away when not in use. When you use furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, or stored away entirely, saving yourself a significant amount of floor space.

Use Vertical Space

When laying out things like lamps, or shelves throughout your house, often the first place we consider to place things like this is the floor. After all, this is the most logical place to store things. However, what many people forget is how useful your vertical space can be. By placing shelves on walls, or installing lighting on the wall, you’ll have one less thing blocking your walkway.


One of the fastest ways to swallow up space in your house, is by leaving clutter everywhere. Clutter doesn’t just look messy, but it makes you feel closed in. Not to mention, you’re making a table or chair, unusable by placing items on it. 

Clear your surfaces, and you’ll notice that your home feels much bigger. Not to mention it’s also much more hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing to live in a clutter free space.

If clutter is a consistent issue for you, then consider placing baskets throughout your home. Baskets can be a quick and easy solution for putting things away without having to worry about losing too much time straightening up.

4 Solo Travel Ideas for Seniors Seeking Adventure and Relaxation

Setting off on a solo trip can change lives, no matter the age. It’s especially true for seniors ready to dive into new experiences with time on their hands. Moving from full-time work or stepping out of senior living communities opens up a world of adventure and chill vibes.

Traveling alone means crafting every bit of the journey just how one likes it—full control over what to see, where to go, and when to rest. Here are four travel ideas perfect for seniors keen on exploring at their own rhythm.

Cultural Immersion in a Historic City

Diving into a historic city opens up the world’s cultural richness. Rome, Kyoto, and Istanbul are places brimming with ancient streets to roam. There’s history in every corner and traditional dishes that delight the senses.

For seniors, these cities hit just right—easy to explore yet full of wonders. There are plenty of museums, guided tours, and cozy cafes to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Getting involved makes it unforgettable—like soaking in local tunes or whipping up regional delicacies in a cooking class.

Relaxation on a Scenic Cruise

Cruises stand out as a top pick for seniors wanting both adventure and chill vibes, minus the travel planning stress. Imagine gliding through Europe’s heart on a river cruise or catching Alaska’s coastal views right from a cabin window. 

These journeys often attract those enjoying their golden years with classy entertainment, insightful talks, and chances to mingle. What’s more? The all-in package of cruises covers gourmet dining, spa pampering, and fun outings—all without worrying about the details.

Nature Retreat in a National Park

Nature enthusiasts in their golden years will find solo trips to national parks truly refreshing. Picture the awe-inspiring landscapes of Yellowstone, Banff, or Kruger. These spots are perfect for wildlife spotting and activities like hiking or photography classes.

Many parks have guided tours and programs for all ages. This ensures a fulfilling yet safe adventure for those traveling alone in later life stages. Opting to stay in a cozy lodge or cabin right inside the park blends comfort with an up-close nature experience.

Wellness Getaway in a Spa Resort

For seniors, heading to a spa resort alone is the top pick for chilling out in style. Places like Bali, Sedona, and the Swiss Alps are famous for their fancy spas. These spots are all about calm vibes and treating yourself right with massages, yoga sessions, and detox plans tailored just for you.

It’s all focused on self-care and feeling new again while soaking up some gorgeous nature views. It mixes relaxation with a bit of luxury perfectly, making sure anyone coming back from such trips feels totally renewed.

Wrapping Up

Heading out alone on a trip as an older adult is fantastic. It’s all about grabbing independence, feeding curiosity, and finding oneself. This journey offers the chance to bump into new faces, soak up diverse cultures, and maybe even pick up fresh hobbies. 

The world is huge and packed with wonders, just begging for exploration. Solo adventures in later years can deeply enrich life with unforgettable experiences.

Challenges and Opportunities: The Future of Selling Sailing Holidays Online

As sailing holidays continue to chart a digital course, the industry faces both challenges and opportunities in the online realm. This article delves into the dynamics shaping the future of selling sailing holidays online, exploring the hurdles to overcome and the exciting possibilities on the horizon.

One of the primary challenges in selling sailing holidays online is cybersecurity. With the increasing reliance on digital transactions and the storage of personal information, ensuring the security of online platforms is paramount. Providers need to invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and instill confidence in the online booking process.

The diversity of sailing destinations and vessels poses another challenge. Online platforms must continually update and expand their offerings to cater to a global audience with varied preferences – whether they look to sail in places like Trogir or Dubrovnik in the Med or perhaps further afield in the Caribbean. The challenge lies in providing a diverse range of options while maintaining a user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking process for customers.

The potential over saturation of the online market is a concern for both providers and customers. As more sailing holiday options become available online, providers need to distinguish themselves through unique offerings, transparent practices, and exceptional customer service. On the other hand, customers may face the challenge of navigating through an abundance of choices to find the ideal sailing experience.

Despite these challenges, the future of selling sailing holidays online is filled with exciting opportunities. The digital landscape allows providers to gather and analyze customer data, enabling them to tailor their offerings to individual preferences. Personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and customized experiences are among the possibilities that can enhance the online booking process.

The integration of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, presents opportunities for innovation. AI algorithms can analyze user behavior and preferences, providing tailored suggestions for sailing destinations and vessels. Augmented reality features can further enhance the virtual experience, allowing users to interact with virtual elements before making their booking decisions.

Collaborations with other sectors, such as travel insurance providers and transportation services, offer opportunities for comprehensive travel packages. By forming partnerships, sailing holiday providers can create seamless end-to-end experiences for customers, simplifying the entire travel process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the future of selling sailing holidays online is a dynamic landscape with challenges to navigate and opportunities to explore. As the industry continues to embrace digital transformation, providers that prioritize cybersecurity, offer diverse and unique experiences, and leverage emerging technologies will stand out in the online marketplace. The ongoing evolution of the digital sailing experience holds promise for a future where booking a sailing holiday online is not just a transaction but a personalized and immersive journey for enthusiasts around the globe.

Is a Fixed-Rate Loan the Right Choice for Seniors on a Fixed Income?

As people get older and near retirement, many start looking for ways to make their finances easier. After retiring, most folks have a set income each month, so they prefer knowing in advance what their costs will be. This is particularly important if you’re thinking about moving into assisted living

How can you best handle loans and debts? One option that seems appealing is a fixed-rate loan because it’s steady and helps with budgeting easily, but the question arises, “Is this always the best way?” Let’s dive deeper into all aspects that could sway your decision.

Understanding Fixed-Rate Loans

A fixed-rate loan means you have the same interest rate for the entire term. In simple terms, your monthly payment stays steady because both the principal and interest parts don’t change. This is great if you like things to stay consistent. 

For seniors with a set income from sources like Social Security or pensions, this can be ideal. There are no nasty surprises in budgeting due to changing rates every month. But here’s something important. These loans typically start out pricier compared to variable ones on initial costs alone, which need consideration as well.

Evaluating Personal Financial Stability

Seniors need to think about whether a fixed-rate loan fits into their financial plans. They have to look at how secure their finances are right now. Those with lots of savings might manage variable loans better, but for many on set incomes, future interest hikes can be tough. 

It’s also key that these fixed rates help when planning long-term because they keep you safe if the rates go up over time. However, seniors should really consider if they could handle any increase in costs down the line, especially since there may not be much wiggle room financially speaking.

The Role of Market Conditions

The state of the market is key when deciding on a fixed-rate loan. If the interest rates are low, it makes sense to lock in that rate. However, if they’re high or likely to drop soon, now may not be the best time for this type of loan commitment. 

Seniors have to keep watching what’s happening with market trends and economic forecasts, which can sometimes throw you curveballs. It’s necessary to wisely weigh out present conditions against how things might shape up economically over your course of repaying.

Long-Term Planning and Flexibility

Seniors need to plan for the long haul if they’re thinking about a fixed-rate loan. With this type of loan, you can relax knowing your payments won’t change over time, which is really handy if you’re living on a set income. But don’t forget that these loans usually last longer and may not suit everyone’s needs. 

Seniors should think about what lies ahead financially, such as any healthcare bills or how their savings stack up against future costs that might pop out from nowhere unexpectedly. A characteristic thing with fixed rates is that it’s stable but could tie borrowers down into an extended financial promise.


A fixed-rate loan could be just the ticket for seniors wanting to pair their steady incomes with predictable finances. But it won’t work perfectly for everyone! 

Your own financial health, what’s going on in the market, and your long-term money plans are all crucial when deciding if this type of loan fits into your economic game plan as you age. Seniors should really think about these things before choosing any sort of loan, especially one that is a fixed rate, making sure whatever they choose actually helps them during retirement.

Pocket Option App: Review, Instructions, Tips

Pocket Option App: Review 

Pocket Option – Is one of the binary options trading platforms that provides the user with a mobile app to access the market from any device: for iOS owners, the app is available here – for Android owners -. Let’s take a closer look at this application. That he has:

1. Interface and usability

The application has an intuitive interface that allows beginners to quickly get comfortable and start trading. Charts, indicators and other analysis tools are easily customizable.

2. Tools

The application provides a wide range of assets for trading, including currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. Ability to customize technical indicators and graphical tools.

3. Trading

Traders can choose option expiration dates, set stop losses and take profits. Fast execution of trades.

4. Teaching materials

For beginners, learning resources are available right in the app.

5. Deposits and withdrawals

The application provides various deposit and withdrawal methods.

6. Security

Pocket Option uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure the security of its clients’ data.

The Pocket Option app is a handy tool for traders who prefer to trade on the go. It combines functionality and convenience, making binary options trading accessible to a wide range of users.


Pocket Option Application Advantages and Disadvantages 

Benefits of the Pocket Option App

  • The Pocket Option app allows traders to trade on the go, no matter where they are, which is especially important in the fast paced world of trading.
  • The application is designed in such a way that even beginners can quickly get comfortable and start trading.
  • Traders can choose from a variety of assets to trade, including currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities.
  • Modern encryption technologies are used to ensure the security of customer data.
  • The  application has educational https://revieweek.com/visit/pockeoption-android/ materials that will help beginners learn the intricacies of trading.
  • Beginners can use a demo account to learn without the risk of losing real money. 

Disadvantages of the Pocket Option App

  • While mobile apps are getting more and more advanced, some of the features available in the desktop version may be missing.
  • Like any mobile application, Pocket Option may experience technical errors or delays in data transmission.
  • Trading in the app requires a stable internet connection, which can be a problem in regions with poor connectivity.
  • Despite encryption and other security measures, trading from a mobile device may present additional risks in the event that the device is lost or stolen.
  • For some traders who are used to desktop platforms, it may take some time to adjust to the mobile interface.

Pocket Option App: How to Download?

Pocket Option offers its mobile app for those who prefer to trade on the go. To download the Pocket Option App, follow the steps:

1. Define your platform

  • If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you will need the Android version. 
  • An iOS version of the app is available for iPhone or iPad users. 

2. Installing the Pocket Option App

Follow the link and then click “Install” or “Download”. The app will automatically download and install on your device.

3. Opening the app Pocket Option

After installation is complete, click on the app icon on your screen to open and start using.

4. Sign in or register Pocket Option

If you already have a Pocket Option account, simply enter your login credentials. If you are a new user, please follow the instructions to create a new account.

Note: Make sure your device is connected to the Internet before downloading and installing the app. It is also worth considering that the version of the application may differ depending on your region and device operating system. 

Pocket Option App: Tips for Successful Trading

  • Explore the app
  • Use a demo account
  • strategize
  • Manage risk
  • Follow the market news
  • Use indicators
  • Don’t get emotional
  • Constantly learn
  • Analyze

What Are the Available Resources for Seniors To Access Legal Assistance?

As the population continues to get older, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure seniors have access to legal support when needed. This kind of assistance is absolutely essential because it helps protect their rights and makes confusing legal stuff easier to understand. 

It also provides guidance on topics like estate planning, healthcare options, and housing, even for those living in assisted living communities. If you’re a senior looking for help with any of these issues (or others), many different resources can provide you with the legal aid you deserve!

Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Good news for seniors! There are many government and non-profit groups out there that offer free or low-cost legal support. The Administration for Community Living (which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) has a program that’s all about promoting the rights of older adults. It’s called the Legal Assistance Developer Program, and it can be helpful if you need some legal assistance. 

Another great option is the Legal Services Corporation, which funds legal aid programs throughout the country to help people just like you. And don’t forget about the American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging! This organization provides lots of different resources and advocacy efforts focused on elder law issues specifically. With these kinds of resources available, getting access to quality legal advice doesn’t have to break your budget!

Legal Hotlines and Legal Aid Clinics

When it comes to getting legal advice, sometimes, you just need a fast answer! That’s where legal hotlines come in. They’re easy to access over the phone and can give you quick guidance on all sorts of issues. The Legal Hotline for Older Americans is an example of one really helpful resource that’s run by the Center for Elder Rights Advocacy. 

But what if your situation requires more hands-on help? In those cases, finding a legal aid clinic might be your best bet. These clinics are often sponsored by law schools and can offer actual counsel from lawyers or even representation in court. No matter what kind of problem you’re dealing with, these clinics are great at handling lots of different issues!

Online Legal Platforms

Thanks to all the amazing tech breakthroughs we’ve seen recently, seniors now have tons of options for getting legal help online! Many websites, like LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Nolo, offer support with legal documents and advice at a much lower cost than what traditional law firms usually charge. 

It’s still important to understand that these platforms might not always answer every question or handle things when they get tricky. So, if you’re dealing with complex legal problems or need detailed guidance on an important issue, talking to a professional is still your best bet.

Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys are the experts when it comes to handling legal issues that impact older adults. They’re here to give you advice and offer their services on all sorts of topics. This includes estate planning, Medicare/Medicaid coverage, elder abuse cases, and long-term care planning. These things can be confusing and overwhelming without the right kind of guidance. 

And if you want to find truly top-notch assistance in this field, check out the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). This awesome organization is made up entirely of legal professionals who are passionate about improving the quality of services for seniors everywhere!


All in all, there are a ton of different resources out there to help seniors with anything legal. By making use of these many options (think hotlines, clinics, and more), seniors can keep themselves safe legally and stay well-informed about their rights!

Tips for Shopping for a Grandparent

Grandparents are some of the most important people in most lives as they are mentors and confidants, providing love and guidance. However, when it comes time to shop for them, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. All those years of wisdom and experience can make it difficult to shop for the right thing. Shopping for a grandparent isn’t just about finding a gift; it’s also about showing them how much they mean to you. 

Here are some tips on how to shop for your grandparent and make their day memorable.

Think About Their Hobbies

Seniors typically have more free time on their hands and plenty of hobbies to fill it with. So if your grandparent loves to read, find a book that you think they would enjoy. If they love gardening, get them some new plants or tools for their garden. 

But what if you’re not sure what kind of hobbies your grandparent has? You can either ask people who they interact with day to day such as an attendant at their senior living facility or a neighbor. Or you can simply ask them about their hobbies and interests. This could also be a great way to start a conversation with your grandparent and get to know them better in the process.

Create a Photo Album

Grandparents love looking through photo albums of their loved ones. It’s a great way to remember the past and share stories with future generations. Consider creating a photo album full of pictures from your grandparent’s life, including when they were young, on vacations, and at family gatherings. You can also include photographs from recent events and activities.

You can easily create a photo album online with ready-made templates that you can customize to your liking. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make your own scrapbook or collage of photos. This is sure to be a meaningful gift that your grandparent will cherish for years to come. 

Consider Practical Gifts

If your grandparent is not too keen on receiving gifts, you can always opt for something practical that they’ll find useful. Consider items such as a new robe or slippers, a warm blanket, or even a special pillow. You could also get them kitchen gadgets like an electric can opener or a hands-free mixer. Even something as simple as a pretty set of dish towels or a new coffee mug can be thoughtful and useful. 

Whatever you decide to get, make sure it’s something that they can use daily. 

Give the Gift of Time

One of the most meaningful gifts you can give your grandparent is time. Consider visiting them more often and spending quality time with them. You could also start a phone or video call routine so that you can stay in touch even when you’re not able to physically be there. 

You could even invite your grandparent to fun activities such as outdoor picnics, paint nights, or game days. 

These are just a few tips for shopping for your grandparent. Remember, it’s not just about finding a gift; it’s also about showing them how much they mean to you. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can come up with the perfect gift that your grandparent will cherish for years to come. 

A Brief Guide to Gold Individual Retirement Account


You should know that a gold individual retirement account will allow you to hold precious physical metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The main idea is that a standard account will not allow you to make such investments, so you should open a self-directed one.

That is why a custodian must store and handle the metal you purchase, which is the IRS regulation. We recommend you check here, which will help you understand more about investing in precious metals.

Although it is highly convenient, choosing it comes with higher expenses, while you will not take entire advantage of the tax benefits that every retirement account features. 

Still, one of the most attractive physical investments is in gold because it is a durable, tangible, and valuable asset that increases value during plummeting stock markets, political issues, and inflation. 

Although the problems are not happening nowadays, most investors wish to diversify their portfolios by adding a percentage of gold, which prevents complete loss. 

It is one of the several commodities you can put in a retirement account. Still, before you purchase bullion, the main goal is to understand everything about gold IRA. Let us start from the beginning. 

Things to Know About Gold IRA


As mentioned above, if your goal is to own physical gold and use it for long-term retirement investment, you cannot use the regular account. Instead, you should create a unique or separate option known as a gold IRA. 

Of course, you can place other precious metals inside, while it comes with the same distribution and contribution limits as a regular account. Instead of using paper assets such as bonds and stocks, precious metals IRA is perfect for holding physical commodities in the form of bars and coins in different sizes and purities. 

The main goal is to find gold IRA companies that will allow you to start the process. We recommend you research online beforehand, which will help you search and choose.  

You can also invest in mining and production companies, mutual funds, and ETFs, which will diversify everything. However, before you make up your mind, it is vital to open a self-directed IRA, meaning you can manage it directly with a certified custodian. They must be IRS-approved institutions meaning brokerage, trust company, or bank. 

At the same time, other mutual funds or financial companies that handle regular accounts will not deal with self-directed options, meaning you should start from nothing. Besides, it would be best to find a professional and licensed dealer who will make purchases on your behalf. 

Generally, each self-directed individual retirement account custodian will offer you specific investment offers, meaning you should learn about them before opening an account. At the same time, you can set it as traditional, meaning you will get tax-deductible contributions or Roth, which comes with tax-free distributions. 

Besides, it would help if you funded it by using a contribution, a rollover from a qualified plan such as 401k, and transferring money to it. It is vital to remember that you cannot purchase any coin or bar. Instead, they should pass IRS standards regarding weight and purity, while you must store them in pre-approved depositories. 

Suppose you wish to purchase coins. In that case, we recommend choosing the ones from government mints, which will provide you peace of mind.


  • Tax Benefits – You should know that IRAs come with specific tax treatment. Therefore, contributions are deductible, while qualified withdrawals do not undergo taxation.
  • Long-Term Investment – Since physical gold is not as liquid as other options, it is a buy-and-hold investment that will protect your funds in economic turmoil. As a result, you do not have to think of it for decades until you reach a certain age where you can qualify for retirement. 
  • Additional Control – You should know that gold individual retirement accounts must be self-directed. Therefore, you will manage investment decisions and holdings, which is vital to understand beforehand. 

Enter this site: https://www.thebalancemoney.com/guide-to-investing-in-gold-coins-357974 to learn everything about buying coins. 


  • Income Does Not Feature Tax Advantages – Compared with mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, you should know that bullion will not pay you dividends, interests, and significant returns. Therefore, you cannot use the tax-free growth of investing. You can get capital gain when you decide to sell it and make a profit.
  • Significant Expenses – You cannot keep gold in a bank’s safe deposit box or home. Instead, you must pay a custodian to insure, store, transport, ship, purchase, and handle the physical commodity you wish to get. As a result, fees are more significant than regular retirement account management expenses.